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1999. Our house:
Originally from the North Shore, on the St. Lawrence River, we settled in Saint-Fulgence in 1999. We were seduced by the colors and beauty of Monts-Valin and bought our first home, a cottage Was abandoned which had neither water nor electricity. We did renovations (very !!) major and got to build a house to our liking and live there all year round. A log house renovated, enlarged, modified, improved and still has to be done ...
It is here that the family is born and our children grow up here !! The bus even picks them up so far !!

2010. The Chalet Sainte-Marie:
An old abandoned cottage was facing our house, on the other side of the small lake. In 2003, we bought it to preserve the tranquility of the place, but the idea of ​​turning it into a tourist accommodation soon arrived. Our idea was to build a second dream home, following ours (trial and error !!)
We had everything we liked from our house (wood, beams, lots of windows, small mezzanine, patio / mosquito shelter, etc), and everything you would have liked (floor heating , Walk-in, etc.). Before the construction, we already visited the 4 stars and built accordingly. We have met this challenge of intense renovations, in just four months !!, to make it a chalet with total comfort, with drinking water, electricity and all necessary amenities. We got there and the cottage was rated 4 stars for six years!! Since 2017, we are 3 stars; The Chalet Sainte-Marie has remained 4 stars and the Chalet Saint-Fulgence has been evaluated 3 stars ... and it is the lowest rating that prevails. For us, it does not change anything, because we will continue to maintain and improve our Chalets so that you are always as well !!

2015. The Chalet Saint-Fulgence:
In 2015, after the success of the first Chalet, we started again in the renovation !! The old sheet metal building, on the other side of the street, became the Chalet Saint-Fulgence !! Nine months of work in the middle of winter, when he did -30 all winter ... this time, the idea was to redo what works in the first cottage and go further, as this typical phrase of My husband said, in the midst of the renovations: "We should make a footbridge that crosses on a mezzanine and that leads to a balcony over the mosquito screen" ... well yes, we did !! And I wanted a freestanding double bath in the master bedroom. We chose the best, the one in the show room that had lights to it !! Then it was thought that it would be nice if there was a window of barn wood in the master bedroom upstairs. And there is still a heated floor, a small wood-burning fireplace and, in addition, Jean-Sébastien has made walls of brick and copper, with recovered materials. He worked a blow !!
It's just beautiful, I can say.


My work, my way of life !!

As a teacher, I am a teacher in English as a second language, but over the years, my life choices, the main one being to be present at home to raise my children, made me head for the restoration , As a waitress, because the schedule allowed me to be a mother at home.

In 1997, my husband (whom I had just met !!) was starting his own company, Toitures Trudel. By the way, I became his associate and I take care of the customer service and the office. I love that!! When people ask for human resources or accounting, I say it's me, and I brew soup at the same time or I stretch the clothes on the clothesline !! Nothing seems ... the joy of working from home !!

And the Chalets are very close to home, it allows me to work from home and to be present with our children, who are 9 years and 15 years old.
Two future entrepreneurs, to see them go ...

I have been involved in various CAs (École Mont-Valin, St-Fulgence Youth Center, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Regional Tourism Association) and volunteered for several opportunities.

At 38, I started a marketing certificate at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi, but I stopped because running two companies teaches me more than school ... and I do not want to manage Sales and performance. We prefer to manage intuitively and naturally, with our human and sensible side. And we are doing very well because our companies are doing well and we are working for people like us!

In addition, because I am probably hyperactive (haha !!), I also work for a construction contractor, Les Renovateurs, as an office worker, in the village of St-Fulgence (my office is in a garage !!) The Saguenay River !! I am the girl of the paperwork and I do my own schedule. Difficult to ask for better ...

I am lucky to live in a small paradise on earth and find my account, family and work, so it is with great pleasure that I share this beautiful corner of the country with you!

I offer my chalets for rent because I like it. I allow myself to refuse certain groups, because my quality of life and the peace of the place is very important for me.

Coming here, you live the same nature and the same quality of life, so it's relax for everyone !! :)


-  Mireille ☼