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• The responsible tenant must be 18 years of age or older and rent the Chalet for legal purposes.

• Non-compliance with the rules of the Chalet entitles the owner to expel the tenant and his guests immediately, without refund.
• The tenant is responsible for the rented Chalet and its contents. It assumes the full and entire responsibility of the persons to whom it allows access.
• The tenant declares to have seen the Chalet, to have found it in perfect condition and declares to be satisfied.
• Notify the owner when you are aware of a defect or equipment breakage. Any abuse or non-attribution due to normal wear and tear of the immovable or property causing it to spoil, break or defect will be repaired or replaced at the tenant's expense.
• Allow access to the premises at all times to the owner to inspect the premises and to carry out urgent work necessary for the maintenance of the leased premises and its equipment.
• Use the furniture and the objects that make up the rented building for the use for which it is intended.
• Leave the premises, chalet, grounds, furniture and accessories in the same condition as on arrival.
• Do not throw anything into washbasins, sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers that may obstruct the pipes, otherwise the costs incurred for the restoration will be invoiced to the tenant.
• No accommodation other than the Chalet, such as a camper, tent or other, is accepted on the property.
• The owner assumes no responsibility for damages, losses or theft in respect of the personal effects of the tenant and his guests.
• The owner will not be held responsible for any interruption outside his control of electricity and running water services.
• The owner undertakes to inform the tenant if he can not rent the cottage for the agreed dates and agrees to reimburse him the entire amount collected.

Pets not allowed. Non smoking.