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Hello and welcome!


Please read this user guide carefully, as it will make your stay easier and avoid unnecessary breakage.


The Chalets St-Fulgence


In case of emergency: notify us. 418-674-1402, 418-590-9101, 418-812-9959
Mireille Bouchard and Jean-Sébastien Trudel

Police, firefighter, ambulance: 911

Municipality of Saint-Fulgence: 418-674-2588


Internet code: available upon arrival.


Arrival: from 16h00
Check-out: before 11:00 am
Early check-in or late check-out, subject to availability.

Curfew: 23 hours.
Thank you to respect your neighbors (owners and the other Chalet)

Non-smoking cottages.
Pets not allowed.
Hunting prohibited. Fishing (to be discussed).


Water is potable: analyzed annually in the laboratory. It comes from an artesian well, 300 feet in the ground. It is drinkable, but some will prefer to bring it, due to its slightly sulphurous odor. It's light, the water is clear and does not smell when it comes out of the tap, but the taste pleases or not, depending on each person. I like it. ;)


Electrical failure:
Do not use water, as on return of electricity, the pumping system of the artesian well may be damaged. If you see that a breakdown could happen (thunderstorms, intermittent electricity), you can fill the pitchers with drinking water. For toilets, you could use the red floor wash seal to take water in the lake, and drain water directly into the toilet to get it off. Or, fill the tub with cold water and have water at hand.

I take care of calling Hydro-Québec to report the breakdown and I inform you of the time of restoration of the service. You can also call the automated service to hear developments and be informed: 1-800-790-2424


Phones and cell phones: There are no phones in the Chalets. If you have a cell phone, the best signal from Chalet Sainte-Marie is on the south side (Chalet front) or in the courtyard. In the Chalet Saint-Fulgence, it will be rather on the west side (facade too) that it comes in the best. For the 911, it works better, "network or not".

Walking a little on the ground, you will spot where the signal is best, depending on your phone. If it does not work, or you do not have a cell phone, it will be my pleasure to lend you my wireless phone and you can use it, even for long distance (moderation nevertheless). If you are waiting for an important call, you can give 418-674-1402 to your family, for example, and I will let you know if someone needs to talk to you.


Internet: Wireless, included. It is not high speed.

The internet is satellite. The speed is pretty good, but it varies depending on the number of users and the amount used in the month. It is provided in your rental.
Thank you for avoiding big downloads. Please use normal.

It will be enough to navigate and see the sites, download a little, but not enough for someone who would like to stay here to do his office work in an intense way (big downloads, big files, video calls). Similarly, it is not recommended to use internet as a DJ.

As it is via satellite, it is possible that in the event of a storm, or in cloudy weather, the signal may be interrupted.

Do not forget that these are chalets to rest! We picked up a bit !! ;)


Washer and dryer:
Laundry soap and softeners provided. HE only (High efficiency, for front-end washer).
-> Attention, for the towels of the Chalet: the white with the white !!


Rinse your dishes thoroughly before dishwasher. (Nuts, seeds, salad, pieces, toothpicks, etc., can block the dishwasher.) Call service at your expense if clogged.
Make your dishes before you leave. If the wash cycle is not finished, it does not matter, but it must at least be on.


Main Valve of the Chalet Sainte-Marie: Located in the kitchen, in the closet next to the stove (middle floor). Use only in case of major water damage.



Child supervision is your responsibility. If I have a PFD of the size of your children, I can lend it to you (subject to availability), but it is best to bring your own.

Some beach towels provided (those of color).

Forbidden to take the whites for swimming.


The kayaks and the lake: the small kayaks make up to 140lbs (indications on the kayaks). If you exceed the weight, put your legs on either side, into the water, and you (perhaps!) Better keep your balance. The lake has between 1 and 3 feet of water, according to the places and it varies according to the rains. Keep an eye on your children, as it is your responsibility.
PFD recommended. The red kayak made for 225 lbs.

Do not approach the small fall (under the bridge), to avoid injuries on the rocks. In the river, under the water, there may be branches cut by beavers or brought by the movement of water. Be careful not to spill kayak in the river, to avoid injury. In the lake, it's muddy in places, but it's really good to be on the lake, so I hope you enjoy! It is very natural as a place.
You can take the kayaks that are on the home side. The chairs around the lake (when there are) are for everyone. Each cottage has its playground for its children. Access to the river which is on the grounds of Chalet Sainte-Marie is for its occupants only, in order that each one retains its intimacy. For those who are in the Chalet Saint-Fulgence, you can come in front of my house.


Skating rink on the lake (depending on the winters):

In winter, it's really fun to skate on the frozen lake. Bring your skates!

We maintain the ice as best we can. Availability is therefore variable. There are winters where it does not freeze well and where it takes too much maintenance, so we abandon the project. There is an ice ring and a hockey rink in the village of St-Fulgence. It is close to the school and the Maison des Jeunes. When it's open, it's under the basement of the Youth House that you put your skates and leave your boots (no locked boxes). The opening details are on the Facebook page Skating rink Saint-Fulgence.

When you arrive, we tell you if the ice of our lake is safe, because we measure its thickness. If it is not scratched (snow ledge), it is that we prefer that you do not go. The river is small, but we would not want an accident to happen. Refer to us in case of doubt. Hockey goals provided, sticks and pucks (subject to availability).


Moka, the baby dog!

Living in the wilderness ensures that we are surrounded by wild animals and it necessarily takes us a dog to stop them from getting here. Without a dog, nature quickly regains its rights and the fauna quickly returns around ... bears, foxes, coyotes, porcupines, etc., there is everything here ...

At this moment, we have Moka, a beautiful beige dog a year old. It's a mix of Golden Retriever, Labrador and Husky. Kind...
She is kind, but as she is young and excited, we keep her home, especially when you have children.

Our other dog is Pepluche, or big Pepe !! He's a big black dog. It is believed to be a mixture of Newfoundland and Labrador. The kind of dog that is too loyal, truly loyal and who would give his life. He does not go directly to people he does not know, but once he knows you, he lets himself flatter and is really calm with people and children.

We have lived here since 1999 and have always had dogs. They grow up with my kids (who are 9 and 15 years old), so they're used to it. They are mainly out during the day, but sleep in the house. By day, when the chalets are free, they live in freedom. They are very happy ...

If you like dogs and want to enjoy it, I'm glad you came to see them or pick them up to take a walk or jog.
If you have children and would like to see them or play with them, it is possible, but it must be done under your supervision.

Please do not hesitate to be the pack leader of my dogs, that is to forbid them to jump on you (the beige, because the black does not jump). You can tell her "no" firmly or turn her on the back (submission position). She does not jump all the time, but as some tenants like it when she stands on them, she sometimes has bad folds. ..

At home, when I stop them from going to see you, they are on my gallery closed. It makes three sides of my house and they have access to the canopy (water and food, cushions and shade).

They are not jappers. They fight often and it's very fun to watch !!

If ever one of my dogs goes to see you and you do not want to, tell me or tell them to go home.

For food, they eat leftovers from tables, but not anything. Never bones (big or small, never), grapes, chocolate, "cotton" corn, potatoes, sweets, spicy foods or anything you doubt, because it can be harmful to their health.

If you take them walk, just go further in the rank. Never to the houses, because everyone has a dog or dogs here. They come back when you call them. They play to enter the wood and run everywhere! If a car arrives, you call and hold it for the time it passes. If they run away, be not afraid, they always come back. And if they do not return, it will not be your fault, but mine, for I allow you to take them away.



You can go to Lake Xavier (the lake is 4 km away). You will also see, before, Lake of the River and Lake Travers. There is also a beautiful fall (the lagoon!), Just before Lake Travers. I will tell you the exact place, if you ask me. Perfect for a swim !!

You can also go to the houses (without my dogs, very important !!).
It's really quiet here, so enjoy !!

In addition, there is a small path on the other side of the lake, crossing the bridge on both sides. Very natural yet ... we do not put our beautiful white shoes !!

The supervision of your children is always your responsibility.




The BBQ is well positioned on your arrival. Avoid moving and approaching the chalet, to avoid a fire.

Close propane after use.

Rub the grates with the brush after use.


Exterior lighting: Sodium bulbs take a few minutes to light at full capacity. (Chalet Sainte-Marie only). Wait a few minutes before seeing the outside light. At night, thank you for putting out these lights, so that all can enjoy a "black" ground, to see the stars for example ... no problem to leave the small external lights lit, according to your tastes, but Sodium, Extinguish at bedtime ... thank you! (The one that lights the lake: switch near the front door. The one that lights up the playground: switch near the patio door).



Permit at designated place only. Always use the wire mesh door.

Wood is included, unless exaggerated.

It is forbidden to cut branches of trees. Marshmallow picks provided.

If there is no open fire, do not make a fire. (See the site of the Sopfeu)


Waste bins and recycling:

Black trash: garbage (I put them on the way every Tuesday morning)

Blue bin: recycling (I put them on the way one Wednesday night out of two)

At your departure, empty your garbage and recycle in the bins. Dustbin, always in a garbage bag, never emptied as is.


Heating floor:
The system is divided into two zones and the temperature of the slab is displayed on the thermostats. To adjust, press up or down to the desired temperature.

Chalet Sainte-Marie: control panel near the front door and near the patio door. In winter, it is often at 26, 27 or 28 degrees. In summer, island are at 10 degrees, to avoid them heating unnecessarily.
Chalet Saint-Fulgence: near the front door and in the room on the ground floor.

Chalet Saint-Fulgence: the floor of the shower is heated, connected to the same system as the floor. It has no independent control.


Heating in the rooms: the rooms have their own electric heating.


Bath: in the Chalet Saint-Fulgence, the double bathtub is flared and directly on the wooden floor. A small, non-slip rubber mat is found under the sink of the large bedroom upstairs. Be sure to limit water damage!


Indoor fireplace: in order to avoid "burying" the Chalets, if you are not comfortable with fireplaces, it would be wise to ask for advice before ... it will be our pleasure to help you to understand Operation. As the wood is provided and the heated floor already heats the Chalet, moderation is required.


As it is under the concrete slab, access is almost impossible.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not obstruct it, because you will be charged for unblocking charges.


Fondue Stoves: Always use the undercloth to prevent burns.

We chose nice tables for the dining rooms and would like them to remain beautiful for a long time!

Fill the fondue burners when they are cold, and sit over the sink. Any burning done on tables and other furniture will be at your expense (a cabinetmaker will do the repair and the invoice will be sent to you in full).


Barriers for children: We have installed barriers to the stairs for the safety of your children. Please ensure that the systems are used and that your young children are not able to open them. If they are capable, watch them more ... they are not foolproof doors anyway!


Doors with hooks: in the Chalet Saint-Fulgence, we put hooks on two doors of the ground floor. You can open them, but we wanted to prevent your children from injuring themselves or breaking the control of the water tank or the electrical panel.


Security / Fire:

Smoke detectors.

Fire extinguishers (spot them on arrival, two per Chalet)

1 first aid kit and dressings.
Notify the use of the kit (for filling).

Emergency flashlights (plugged in).

Chalet Sainte-Marie: in the event of a fire, the windows of the large bedroom give access to the shed.

In an emergency, dial 911.


Avoid theft: Lock doors and windows when you are out and out, especially those on the ground floor.

We are not responsible for theft and damage to your property.


Condition: Please take good care of the Chalet. We have built this project with heart, for you, then your respect of the place is very appreciated!


Activities: flyers and my website ( will help you to enjoy the region. Do not hesitate to contact us for help, we know the area well and the little tricks !!

Official tourist site of the region:



White towels and bathrobes: Beach towels and bathrobes are to be washed before departure. If the washer and / or dryer are on and I only have to rotate, no problem, you do not have to wait until it is finished.

The white towels and all the sheets and blankets are of high quality. Thank you for washing white with white, and colors separately. Always check the washer to see if there is a colored "rag" before starting a wash load. It is I who wash the beds at your departure.

Towels and bathrobes are not allowed at L'Eternel Spa (they provide towels and rent bathrobes, on site, at a cost of $ 10), so you do not lose them, stain them or break them.


At your departure (bedding and towels): If pillows have not been used, put them over a piece of furniture in the bedroom.


Keys delivery: you can either lock and leave the key in the cottage mailbox, or come and bring them to me. It also happens that I hear the doors of cars and that I go to say "goodbye", to take your comments at the same time.


Open the cabinets, search !! Everything in the Chalet is for you, so do not hesitate to look around to familiarize yourself with your Chalet.


In conclusion:
By renting the Chalet, you agree to respect the places and the rules of use. Big common sense applies, so if something is not written here, that does not mean it's not important. Cottages are for civilized people only. Good lifestyle is necessary. I live in the 300 (so on the other side of the small lake, facing the Chalet Ste-Marie.
We are quiet people and respect the tranquility of the place. We ask for as much from you. We do not put big loud music, we do not shout uselessly and we take advantage of life intelligently. For those who would like to make the big noisy party that destroys everything, stay at home ...

Also, do not forget that these are cottages. They are very well equipped and I do everything I can to make you feel good, but it still takes a minimum of resourcefulness and understanding. It is very comfortable, very clean and our offer is generous and full of love and small touches, but we do not have everything that exists and that you might need. So, bring your specific things accept that cottages are not built according to your own tastes but of ours. We relax, we breathe, we enjoy life, we rest and we adapt.

Of course, I have written this paragraph for the few people to whom it is addressed because renting a cottage is not for everyone.

At 99% of the time, it's perfect, but 1% of the world should or should stay home ...


To all the superb people we will have the pleasure of welcoming:
I wish you a pleasant stay! ☼



Please choose Les Chalets St-Fulgence for your holidays !!


I am available if you need me!


Have a good stay!